just mentioned later on the last article (please read if not, yet), adam and his wife must follow last rule asked by the only lord. that they have to build a generation to spread wide on the

Forgotten Love. Hapuskan Cintaku (Indonesian). If it’s wrong to love him, really need him that he’s not alone any more, it’s difficult for me, fooling me inside, it’s feel i could not believe when i’m falling in

since creation of first human (read: the ordinary). adam. he’s already given the whole heaven along with its contents. thousand years of light through the way like usual, adam really enjoy the gift until .. he feels

after time and all we’ve been through, sometimes we’ve met the way to dissolve a problem or taken care of things. we’d hold on to a particularly living primer sort priority. if conditions are met we’re just

the only moment that still in remind, the time when we can’t separated by distances not or incidents. i wish i can turn back clock wisefully. i wouldn’t this silly and i wouldn’t this crazy to in

a child born beneath a couple is a waiting moment for another happiness and another challenge. the most important thing along or in order of priority is just prepare their names to “wear” for good. picking a